RumbleTalk On-Site Chat Rooms

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The evolution of online chat rooms has been an interesting one. In some ways, the foundation of the Internet began with the functionality of online chatting in real-time. At the time, it was quite a novel thing to be able to do. However, the popularity and overall usage of chatrooms has dwindled over the years. They’ve recently been put to shame by other tools and other online networks.

Well, who says the chat room can’t come wholesale golf  back better than ever nowadays?

We’ve learned recently of a chat room technology called “RumbleTalk.” RumbleTalk is a version of those awesome olf-school chatrooms, but made modern, and given even better features.

You can use this chat room the following way: A Titleist 913 D3 Driver  can be embedded on a website for real-time conversation with a group. The best features beyond that is the “on the go” feature that allows chatters to continue the discussion while away from the computer/website. Webmasters can also embed a small right-side panel widget that displays how many new chats have recently taken place.

While we hope that you don’t move backward and only participate in online chatrooms moving forward, we do hope you partake in a RumbleTalk and let us know what you thought of the experience by leaving a comment below.

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5 Savvy Startup Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

Statistics have shown that many of us are working fewer hours in our regular day jobs, resulting in a gap in earnings that lots of people are desperate to fill. This could be the perfect time for you to set up a business from home – think about it, you could work from the comfort of your own sofa, snuggled up in your favourite pyjamas (or wearing nothing at all) if you wanted to! There are plenty of business ideas you could try, whether you want to fill that earnings gap, or simply follow a passion of yours. Here’s 5 savvy startup business ideas for inspiration:

Image Credit: Flickr




The potential to earn money from looking after kids is great, but you’ll need to really like children. You’ll also need to have lots of energy and patience as we all know kids can be very demanding – as well as pass certain Ofsted criteria. Any adult who look’s after another person’s child for more than 2 hours in any day in a location that isn’t the child’s home needs to register with Ofsted. It’ll include medical, criminal, and safety checks, but don’t worry – it isn’t too complicated!


Virtual Assistant


Professionals are usually very busy, and can really appreciate having somebody there to reply to their emails, organise tasks for them, update their calendars, and so on – but all of this with as little interaction as possible. Literally, all you need to start this kind of business is a good internet connection!


Content Writing Company


If you’ve got a passion for creating great content, or finding people who can, you could start a content writing company; like Fat Joe did. You could offer guest posts to give businesses links, cleverly thought up and original blog posts, and loads more. If you’re an avid writer you could do this yourself, if not; outsource the writing and concentrate on building your business.


Make Greetings Cards


Everybody loves receiving a handmade greetings card, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or no particular reason at all. If you like getting crafty, you could create funky looking handmade greetings cards to sell – all you’ll need is some coloured card, stamps, stickers, pens, glitter, and anything else you think could work well on a card. Check out this simple how to guide to help you make your first card!


Offer Tutoring


If you’ve got a particular passion for a subject, whatever it may be, you could offer your skills as a part time tutor. Tutors specialise in all kinds of subjects; maths, literacy, languages, instruments, geography, history, and more. Advertise locally to spread the word or register with an agency to get work.

See? It’s easier now than ever to start a business from home, and the ideas listed above are just a small handful of the many things you could do. The only limit

is your imagination, so start brainstorming and you could build a successful business from the comfort of your settee in no time at all!


Making Chat Rooms Cool Again

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of RumbleTalk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you remember the days where we'd seek out an AOL chatroom, log into it, and blindly start talking with people from all over the country (world?) about literally anything. When you think about those simpler times, you realize how far we've come with technology. However, we have yet to see a very good evolution of such chat rooms. While we have social media and even web forums, haven't you ever felt the need to just chat in real-time again?

We've excited learned recently of a chat room technology called “RumbleTalk.” RumbleTalk is a version of those awesome olf-school chatrooms, but made modern, and given steroids.

A RumbleTalk chatroom can be embedded on a website for real-time conversation with a group. The best features beyond that is the “on the go” feature that allows chatters to continue engaging in the discussion while away from the computer/website. Webmasters can also embed a small right-side panel widget that displays how many new chats have recently taken place.

While we hope that you don't start asking everybody in these chatrooms their A/S/L (remember that?), we do hope you partake in a RumbleTalk and let us know what you thought of the experience by leaving a comment below.

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Connect cloud architecture with key organizational goals

The cloud's surging popularity has led to a wide range of benefits for both business and IT employees.

The cloud's surging popularity has led to a wide range of benefits for both business and IT employees. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the cloud is not a single technology, even when considering similar platforms. Highlighting comments from Cloud Technology Partners Senior Vice President David Linthicum, InformationWeek contributor Charles Babcock recently explored several issues related to cloud architecture.

One of the problems Linthicum brought up is that many cloud instances are not optimized for the services they are built on. As a result, he suggested that IT managers outline specific organizational goals prior to investing in a cloud hosting service.

“Clouds may have some elements in common, but the specific goals behind the selection of their parts and their method of assembly actually differ greatly,” Babcock wrote.

Architecture considerations will inform vendor choices, even for public cloud services, Babcock noted. For example, providers that are focused on “bare bones servers” may be the best choice for database systems and other processes that require low latency.

Cloud bottlenecks

Cloud servers have advanced significantly as vendors scale their offerings to meet new demands. However, latency between cloud storage and on-premises environments remains a key issue. As Babcock noted, this also manifests in the time it takes cloud-based applications to share data. This makes it essential for IT professionals to carefully consider the performance of not only the software layer, but the infrastructure layer down to the storage devices that actually house the data.

“The speed of storage systems responding to calls for data and the speed of data transfers from one source to another will have a constant effect on how well a cloud server or set of servers can perform,” Babcock wrote.

Growing interest in cloud storage

Some of these issues may have slowed the adoption of cloud storage services. As eWEEK contributor Nathan Eddy recently noted, the amount of data currently housed in cloud environments is relatively low, despite the fact that 60 percent of respondents in a TwinStrata survey reported using cloud storage services to some extent.

By improving data management strategies and storing more data in the cloud, many businesses would significantly lower their risk of data loss and expedite disaster recovery processes. For example, 48 percent of survey respondents who relied entirely on cloud storage for disaster recovery said they could bring data and applications online in a couple of hours. Comparatively, only 30 percent of organizations that do not use the cloud for DR said they could have the same recovery time. For organizations hesitant to use the technology, it is important to keep in mind that adoption does not mean everything has to move into a third-party environment at once.

“The ability to implement cloud storage incrementally at first and to grow it over time provides a unique opportunity for organizations to solve their immediate problems while testing the viability a long-term storage strategy,” the report stated.

Brain Brafton loves and lives technology. A big data geek and an information retrieval junkie he consumes, analyses, interprets and process data like he was a machine. On a continual learning iteration his believe life is a journey not a destination. To keep in contact with Brain find him on Google+ or on Twitter


Easy as Speek

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Abercrombie And Fitch Outlet  for . All opinions are 100% mine.

I have grown to use Speek for all of my conference calls…. and believe me – I hold a lot of calls every single day. I have calls with current clients, potential clients, investors, team members, partners – The list can go on and on.

Abercrombie uk is more attractive to me than the other options on the market because of how their technology plays out during the call. For many conference calling solutions, you sit on your phone and maybe share your screen with the other callers. Speek takes that notion a step further by allowing real-time file sharing and call analytics.

The analytics part is my favorite aspect so allow me to go into that further if you don’t mind.

To connect to a Speek call, you visit the conference’s unique URL. For example, I have all of my attendees visit Once there, you input your phone number and let the Speek system call you directly. This means you don’t have to worry about remembering any phone numbers or silly pin codes.

Whenever someone connects to the call, the screen turns into a virtual board room. There are tables with each user’s name, title, and face attached to it. The analytics aspect uses clever voice-tracking technologies to understand who is talking when. That person gets highlighted as they talk.

Then, at the end of the call, you’ll receive the call data. For example, you’ll learn who talked the most and what percentage of the call was taken over by whom.

As you can tell by my passionate rant, Speek is the way to go for conference calls. I strongly encourage everyone to sign up for a

free account to give it a test drive. You won’t regret it. Abercrombie sale

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Why You Cannot Afford to Ignore the Importance of SMS Marketing?

In the present-day web-driven world, people are increasingly becoming aware of the threats that spam marketing emails can bring along. This is the reason why every user configures the inbox for filtering out the advertisement emails, thereby ignoring one of the most widely accepted means of business communication. On an average, only one in every five marketing emails is opened by the users. Moreover, it often takes several days for the recipient to notice a particular email in the mailbox. This necessarily points out towards finding a more reliable and comprehensive approach for business marketing; and considering the increasing use of mobile phones, what could be a better option than mobile text-message marketing. An SMS is something that is noticed by over 99 % of mobile users as soon as it reaches their inbox. A short and humble message is certainly the most impressive strategy for businesses willing to connect with a wider customer base. Being a relatively new kid on the block, not many businesses are aware of the added benefits of SMS marketing in the long run. They still remain overlooked or underutilised by most business organisations. With the use of SMS as an efficient marketing channel increasing at a faster rate than any other medium of marketing, here are some reasons why businesses cannot afford to ignore its importance in the day-to-day as well as long-term business operations.

Extra Bit of Responsiveness

One thing that every business wants from the marketing department is a higher response rate from the target market. Bulk text messaging is certainly an excellent channel for marketing the business, and is about five times more responsive as compared to any other method of direct marketing. It is the incomparable targeting, immediacy and ROI that makes it a perfect channel for promoting the business. Moreover, the unobtrusive communication with the mobile users, which does not cause any serious distraction and can be explored within a matter of seconds, also lends a useful hand in increasing the responsiveness of SMS marketing.


Writing, sending and having the target users receive the message can be done in a fraction of time involved in writing and sending an email to the customers. Moreover, it doesn’t take much time for the recipient to respond to the message, as the level of curiosity attached to reading a text message still manages to be extremely high. This hasty method can surely enable the businesses to respond much quickly to the changing market situations and trends, deliver news about the latest business developments, offers and news, and more importantly, spare some time for the employees.

Affordability and Return on Investment

Affordability is one of the prime reasons behind choosing text messaging as a primary channel of business marketing. Since all businesses are inclined towards achieving exceptional results by doing the least possible amount of investment, especially after considering the tough times the UK economy is giving to the businesses. Sending an SMS would definitely cost a lot cheaper than postage costs involved with direct mails, or the cost of printing pamphlets and brochures for distribution. It would certainly offer the best response rates and, thus, an increased return on investment.

Viral Approach

One of the biggest advantages that the SMS market can offer to the businesses is the potential of going viral. With the ease at which an SMS can be shared among fellow socialites, the chances of the business SMS being forwarded to the farthest possible target market at zero costs are far beyond expectations.


The Best Web Design Practices for an eCommerce Website

The industry of web designing has undergone a number of changes in recent times. With the growth in technology and increase in Internet users worldwide, more companies are venturing into the online domain for carrying out their business. The entire procedure of buying/selling products is usually referred to as cheap beats uk eCommerce. Before entering this arena, the business owner must carry out the necessary research activities, so that the online venture turns out to be a success. There are innumerable web design practices for an eCommerce website that can be taken up by the business owner.

An cheap beats is not a simple task to handle, and there could be several hurdles encountered by the designer during the creation and implementation process. Some of the best practices that can be followed for creating a custom-made web design for eCommerce website are given below.

Simple, Straightforward and here  Less Complicated

Irrespective of the nature of the business, the website design for all kinds of websites should be less complicated and straightforward in its approach. No matter what product the company is selling, it is essential to sell it in the easiest possible way. Avoid going into too much detailing, as it could lead to the visitors getting confused. Be precise and simple while informing the visitors about your products. Simplicity, when combined with convenience, can go places and is an important aspect of website designing.

Offer High-quality Pictures

Selling products is an art and to make it successful, a business owner needs to offer high-quality images of the products on the website. Presenting the products in the right way is essential, with the images helping attract more visitors. Moreover, these pictures help motivate the visitors to purchase your products from the official website.

Email ID or Username

While purchasing a particular product, the visitors need to create a suitable account on the website. One needs to ensure that the entire process of signing up is simple for the users, and that they simply need to enter their username and password to log in to their account, once the sign-up is complete.

Necessary Product Details

As soon as a prospective customer visits a website, one should see to it that all the necessary details regarding the products are available off hand. The website should act as a complete guide when it comes to product details.

Contact Information

The company’s contact information should be clearly visible to the customers, so that they can get the information they need regarding the enterprise. In case a customer faces any difficulty, the company needs to be easily contactable through visible contact information. A user-friendly eCommerce website would offer all the necessary information relating to the contact details of the business, along with a proper escalation procedure, in case of a query, complaint or grievance.

Simple Shopping Cart Page

A shopping cart page is the most important aspect of an eCommerce website. Here, the customers should be provided complete freedom so that they can make the necessary changes as per their needs and preferences.

Straightforward Search Field

It is extremely essential to have a straightforward search field on an eCommerce website. A customer should be able to get complete access to the search field from all the pages, to make it convenient for the customers to find the required item.

Avoid All Kinds of Hidden Costs

Any company that wants to have regular customers on-board should ensure that there are no hidden costs whatsoever. Deceiving the customers can prove to be deadly for any business! Therefore, all the delivery charges and payment methods should be displayed prominently on the website.

In short, creating a successful eCommerce website is not that difficult, provided the best web design practices are studied and implemented.  E-commerce websites are here to stay and, hence, it is important to think from the customers’ perspective when creating an online presence for a business or a brand.


Old-School Social Networks — Where Are They Now?

People who regularly used the Internet in the late ‘90s and early 2000s might remember the promise of Web 2.0. Finally, web sites would stop being boring old static pages of text and offer real multimedia and interactivity. Countless entrepreneurs poured billions into creating websites that gave Internet users new ways to interact online. Some of them were massively successful before finally crashing due to a failure to keep up with new technology.

However, the social media websites of old didn’t simply go away. They mostly changed owners and change strategy.

Here’s what happened to four of the most popular social networks of yesteryear.

1) Myspace

Myspace was founded in 2003 and was once upon a time the king of all social networks.  At its peak, it had more traffic than even Google, if you can believe that. It was sold in 2006 to New Corp making its founders (including “Myspace Tom”) very wealthy.

It was eventually sold again to a web development company and Justin Timberlake in 2011, and the site is now a growing platform for musicians, artists and brands. Pop star Miley Cyrus and background check company Instant Checkmate both have accounts.

2) Friendster

Friendster was another dominant social network in the early 2000s.  In fact, it was so popular that Google wanted to purchase the site for $30 Million in 2003. The fact that Friendster executives turned down the offer is considered one the biggest blunders in tech startup history. The site eventually declined rapidly as Facebook rose in the social domain.

In 2011, the site discontinued its social media service and instead currently focuses on offering people fun online games. The site is headquartered in Malaysia, and is popular in many Asian countries including Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.


The oldest site on this list, Classmates was founded all the way back in 1995. The site was designed to help old classmates from grade and high school reunite, but it went into fast decline after Facebook made their service mostly irrelevant. The site was famous for the omnipresent ads that seemed to dominate every pop up, email box, and banner on the Internet.

Today the website still gives people the power to reconnect, but now the site’s focus is more on nostalgic content. Users can browse through classic yearbooks, magazines, and television ads from the era they went to high school.

4) Livejournal

Way before people posted the mundane details of their daily routine on Facebook and Twitter, Livejournal was the go-to blogging platform for young people who needed to get something off of their chest. Initially developed by an American programmer to help keep in touch with his friends, it eventually blew up into a public outlet for millions of people worldwide.

As other blogging platforms became more popular, the Livejournal traffic slowly tapered off. However, it’s still very popular overseas. In fact, in 2009 SUP Media, the current owners of the site moved operations from San Francisco to its current headquarters in Russia, where the site is widely used by public figures and political pundits.

Jason Presley is a blogger from Santa Cruz, California.  He writes about social media, marketing, and business.


7 Outdoor Advertising Ideas to Promote Your Business

Outdoor advertising involves promotional displays that range from transit posters to highway billboards and arena placements. These are all geared towards communicating an important message to the public. This message may involve taking a trip, giving to a charity, voting for a politician or purchasing a product. It might also be a public service announcement.

Outdoor advertising has several unique advantages over radio, television and print advertisements. It does not have to be invited into an individual’s home to be effective. It also does not depend on a medium to entertain viewers.

This type of advertising also benefits from frequency. Pedestrians or commuters may see an advertisement repeatedly over whatever period an ad is made public. It provides an effective complement to other types of advertising media that a company is currently using. There are a number of outdoor advertising ideas that can help people promote their business in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

1.     Billboards

Billboards are a great method of advertising for both large or small businesses. This is because they provide a commanding venue for a company’s message. Signage is colorful, oversized and difficult for commuters to ignore.

Traditional billboards consist of vinyl sheets that are glued to a frame, and they often involve significant labor costs to remove and install. Electronic billboards, on the other hand, feature colorful moving graphics that can be constantly altered remotely through the Internet. At the same time, billboards can often be shared among a number of advertisers on a rotating basis.

2.     Company Vehicles

Company vehicles are another great outdoor advertising idea. They promote a business while they are in use during work days. Many businesses utilize cost-effective removable magnetic vehicle signs that are virtually immune to weather. Pizza delivery services throughout Australia often advertise their products with car-top signs.

At the same time, vehicle wraps are steadily growing in popularity, and they utilize the whole car as an advertising canvas. They feature attention-grabbing phrases and company logos that will gain the attention of potential customers.

3.     Building Wraps

Building wraps are giant advertisement platforms that can attract a targeted audience. There are a lot of building wraps found in major Australian cities such as Sydney and Canberra due to the abundance of large buildings that can often be utilized as vehicles for larger-than-life advertising.

The majority of building wraps do not often cover the whole building. However, they do cover a huge portion of between one to five sides of a building. There are lots of advantages that come with using a building wrap as a type of outdoor advertisement. It is almost impossible for people to ignore these advertisements whether they like it or not. Their monstrous size helps a business increase consumer awareness of a brand. At the same time, a company can place a building wrap advertisement close to a retail outlet that sells the products that they are advertising.

4.     Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising methods ” can range from a traveling flatbed trailer that features a large vinyl board to a roving employee dressed in a sandwich board. Outdoor advertising with a dedicated mobile vehicle is often an attractive option for promoting businesses and the products or services that they are offering.

At the same time, companies can use mobile

advertising to promote large-scale events such as grand openings, conventions and movie releases. Aside from that, they allow companies to tap special event attendees or concert-goers within their target market to try out their products or services.

5.     Aerial Advertising

Aerial advertising is often noticed because it is an unusual form of outside advertising. Examples of aerial advertising include banner-towing blimps and airplanes that hover over events. A specialty outdoor advertising company often handles aerial advertising events.

6.     Sidewalk Advertising

Advertisers are beginning to take note of the busy traffic that sidewalks in large cities see every day. Sidewalk advertising is an easy and quick way for companies to get their message to a targeted audience. Different platforms for this advertisement medium include sticker ads, chalk ads and water stenciling ads.

7.     Printed Shaded Cloth

Printed shaded cloth is the hottest advertisement medium today. Many Australian companies use this ad medium at a wide range of targeted events. At the same time, it is financially feasible for large and small businesses alike.

The durability and versatility of a printed shaded cloth makes it a branding product that can be reused multiple times in many locations for many years to come. At the same time, the cloth is created from recycle materials that make it a great option for environmentally-conscious consumers and businesses. Products such as railing covers and speed fences along with scaffolding towers are great examples of the versatility that comes with this advertising tool.

References Advertising Wraps

Site Shade manufactures and supplies printed shade cloth to companies across Australia and the world. Buy online or speak to a friendly customer service rep on the phone today!