Could stand up desks be the future for office workers?

The BBC recently wrote about how many companies across the globe have successfully implemented standing desks. Following extensive research, the idea behind this is simple. Scientists have proved that sitting down for long periods during the working day is linked to obesity, diabetes and can even increase your risk of developing cancer (see the research here.)

A growing problem (pardon the pun!)

These frightening facts reveal that as a nation, Britons need to take urgent action in order to preserve their health and protect the future generations so that they might avoid the mistakes that their predecessors made. Standing work stations are one such step that businesses are taking to reduce the risk of health issues and promote a healthier workforce. Employees who stand up to work during the day increase the blood supply to the brain and body which helps to keep them more alert and focused, plus it helps to strengthen their core and posture at the same time.

What else might help?

It’s not just about standing. Many people snack on bad stuff during the day, which is contributing to the problem. In addition to standing desks, more and more office employees are becoming increasingly aware of how good nutrition affects their performance, so much so that companies are even investing in fresh fruit and milk products to provide to their workers in a bid to promote a healthier team. The concept has taken off and now office managers around the country can follow suit thanks to fruit delivery companies like at Fruitful, who have removed the need for multiple trips to the grocery store each week. Groceries get delivered to your door, employees see them and snack on them – simple.

Research has shown that good nutrition can not only help your body performance physically but also mentally too. The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables provides your body with essential vitamin and minerals that allow your body to grow, restore and repair more efficiently, and additional intake of several types of fruits such as bananas and strawberries can improve the function and response of neurotransmitters in the nervous system. Office workers can satisfy their mid-afternoon cravings whilst improving their focus and concentration with a handful of these mood boosting fruits, and smaller hand held fruits such as grapes, strawberries and blueberries are perfect for popping in to the mouth whilst working at your desk.

The availability of fresh fruit for office employees can also encourage them to eat more healthily and not reach for the biscuits or chocolate to raise their blood sugar levels. Office staff whose employers had chosen to provide fresh fruit on a daily or weekly basis also stated that this provision made them feel more valued and appreciated, thereby increasing their likelihood of working harder or going the extra mile for their company.

Changes to consider as an employer

So how can you make a difference to the health and wellbeing of your office team? Well the first thing might be to install standing work stations for employees to try. The use of standing desks can take a bit of getting used to as your body will have to strengthen over time as you use previously unused muscle groups more often.
Making the transition from sitting to standing over the working day should be done gradually, so many offices install one or two standing desks that employees can switch between their usual cubicles to the new workstation for an hour at a time. When working at a standing desk it is important to adopt correct posture and avoid slouching, so take the time to ensure that your computer screen and keyboard are at the correct height for you.

It is also important to consider your footwear when using a standing desk as comfort is essential for long periods of standing up. Heels should be switched for flat shoes, and if you are fortunate enough to work in a more relaxed environment, then make the most of wearing cushioned soles for ultimate comfort. Ergonomic anti fatigue mats underfoot can make a big difference to employees who stand on wooden or thinly carpeted floors as they help to ease the strain of standing on a hard surface for a long period of time.

Remind your staff to run, jog, dance…

Of course, using a standing desk will not replace the benefits of maintaining a strong healthy body through diet and exercise, and if you are a manager of an office based team, now is the perfect time to encourage your team to live healthier active lifestyles in and out of work too.

Author Bio: The author enjoys researching and writing articles on a wide range of topics from business sector to health and lifestyle, and her personal passion to maintain an active lifestyle has lent itself well to this latest article brief as she discusses how to promote healthy choices in the office environment.


Things You Need To Understand About Cloud Hosting

Everyone talks about cloud hosting these days but does not actually understand much about the concept. Cloud hosting is also known as clustered hosting and is a special hosting service that is offered by different physically connected computer servers. We have various hosting options available at the moment and cloud hosting stands out as the newest one presented for customers from all around the world.

Cloud hosting allows clients to hose websites and applications in a reliable, scalable and powerful way. Customers are basically gaining access to many servers at once, together with various virtual resources. The cloud has a limitless processing power and absolutely all users can scale up or down, adding or removing servers from the network.

All the cloud servers that are used by the high quality providers like Umbee Cloud Server Hosting will be tuned together and this overcomes various problems like traffic overload, server crashes, server drop down or network fluctuations. Multiple servers basically increase a website’s processing power and removes the relying on just one server.

No Downtime

This is definitely the most attractive benefit of using cloud hosting solutions. The sites will never experience downtimes, which is almost always possible with the traditional server solutions. Cloud hosting is incredibly useful as there are no hardware and software restrictions that are associated.
Reliability is always high since the apps or the sites hosted will use a network of servers and not just one unit. Space is usually limited with traditional hosts. This is never the case with cloud hosting since expansions are really easy to make for the service providers.
Cloud Server features you should be aware of:

  • Data redundancy – This is a really loved cloud hosting features. The host will save data on many machines at the same time. This basically means that if one machine fails, your data is still accessible from others. You never lose anything and your data is always kept secure.
  • Technical compatibility – Such a feature is connected to IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service), which involves cloud hosting offering hardware based services to clients. This will include data storage on virtual service. Many of the companies now use IAAS.
  • Cost Effective – Cloud hosting is always low cost and will be compatible for high performance and various working scenarios. You are basically looking at a hosting solution that is highly affordable when compared to the traditional services you are used to. You are almost always asked to pay only for the resources that you use, so annual fees are so low. The solution is basically perfect for people that do not actually know how many resources they will need to run websites.
  • Security And Backups – Although already mentioned, we should tell you this again as it is vital for so many users. You are never going to lose your data. Backups are constantly done and the cloud servers will be secured. Every single site owner from around the world understands how important this is. Make sure that you consider cloud hosting if your data is sensitive.

Meet Laura Lading

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of New Hope PR for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Laura Glading might not be a name that is familiar to you, besides a friendly hello and a warm welcome when we board a flight, we seldom think about the flight attendants that make flying safer and more comfortable for millions of travelers every year. That is why I’m writing this blog post.
Laura Glading is a labor union leader and activist. She was elected back in 2008 as the President of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA). She also posts some stuff at Slideshare, One question Laura is asked on her blog is “do you enjoy flying?” After all, Laura Glading hopes to make flying a better experience for everyone – even for those individuals that don’t like to fly. Her advocacy ensures that flight attendants receive competitive wages and fair contracts that reward their hard work.
For me, flying is always the beginning of a new journey. Whenever I board a plane, I recognize that I’m headed to somewhere new and exciting.
The last time I flew, for example, was for a business event in New York City. I was excited for the trip and filled with anticipation during the flight – air travel offers the opportunity to visit a new city, explore new restaurants and visit old friends. I spent the time on the plane planning all of my meetings and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the flight attendants who were available to assist me in any way they could.
Although it was a great flying experience, it couldn’t possibly compare to the time I flew to Thailand. The flight was incredibly long, but the flight attendants were simply amazing. Most surprisingly, the food was pretty tasty as well. Plus, I didn’t experience any jetlag!

Now it’s your turn. Do you enjoy flying? What has been your favorite flight? Leave your stories below.

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RumbleTalk On-Site Chat Rooms

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of RumbleTalk Chat room for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. The evolution of online chat rooms has been an interesting 642-444 exam one. In some ways,

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popularity and overall usage of chatrooms has dwindled over the years. They”ve recently been put to shame by other tools and other online networks. Well, who says the chat room can”t come back better than ever nowadays? We”ve learned recently

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of a chat room technology called “RumbleTalk.” RumbleTalk is a version of those awesome olf-school chatrooms, but made modern, and given even better features.

You can use this chat room the following way: A RumbleTalk Chat widget can be embedded on a website for real-time conversation with

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beyond that is the “on the go” feature that allows chatters to continue the discussion while away from the computer/website. Webmasters can also embed a small right-side panel widget that displays how many new chats have recently taken place. While

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we hope that you don”t move backward and only participate in online chatrooms moving forward, we do hope you partake in a RumbleTalk and

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5 Savvy Startup Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

Statistics have shown that many of us are working fewer hours in our regular day jobs, resulting in a gap in earnings that lots of people are desperate to fill. This could be the perfect time for you to set up a

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business from home – think about it, you could work from the comfort of your own sofa, snuggled up in your favourite pyjamas (or wearing nothing at all) if you wanted to! There are plenty of business ideas you could try, whether you want to fill that earnings gap, or simply follow a passion of yours. Here’s 5 savvy startup business ideas for inspiration:

Image Credit: Flickr




The potential to earn money

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to have lots of energy and patience as we all know kids can be very demanding – as well as pass certain Ofsted criteria. Any adult who look’s after another person’s child for more than 2 hours in any day in a location that isn’t the child’s home needs to register with Ofsted. It’ll include medical, criminal, and safety checks, but don’t worry – it isn’t too complicated!


Virtual Assistant


Professionals are

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can really appreciate having somebody there to reply to their emails, organise tasks for them, update their calendars, and so on – but all of this with as little interaction as possible. Literally, all you need

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to start this kind of business is a good internet connection!


Content Writing Company


If you’ve got a passion for creating great content, or finding people who can, you could start a content writing company; like Fat Joe did. You could offer guest posts to

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give businesses links, cleverly thought up and original blog posts, and loads more. If you’re an avid writer you could do this yourself, if not; outsource

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the writing and concentrate on building your business.


Make Greetings Cards


Everybody loves receiving a handmade greetings card, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or no particular reason at all. If you like getting crafty, you could create funky looking handmade greetings cards to sell – all you’ll need is some coloured card, stamps, stickers, pens, glitter,

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and anything else you think could work well on a card. Check out this simple how to guide to help you make your first card!


Offer Tutoring


If you’ve got a particular passion for a subject, whatever it may be, you could offer your skills as a part time tutor. Tutors specialise in all kinds of subjects; maths, literacy, languages, instruments, geography, history, and more. Advertise locally to spread the word or register with an agency to get work.


See? It’s easier now than ever to start a business from home,

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and the ideas listed above are just a small handful of the many things you could do. The only limit

is your

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imagination, so start brainstorming and you could build a successful business from the comfort of your settee in no time at all!


Making Chat Rooms Cool Again

This is a Sponsored post

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written by me on behalf of RumbleTalk

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for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you remember the days where we’d seek out an AOL chatroom, log into it, and blindly start talking with people from all over the country (world?) about literally anything. When you think about those simpler times, you realize how far we’ve come with technology. However, we have yet to see a very good evolution of such

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chat rooms. While we have social media and even web forums, haven’t you ever felt the need to just chat in real-time again?

We’ve excited learned recently of a chat room technology called

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“RumbleTalk.” RumbleTalk is a version of those awesome olf-school chatrooms, but made modern, and given steroids.

A RumbleTalk chatroom can be embedded on a website for online casino real-time conversation with a group. The best features beyond that is the “on the go” feature that allows chatters to continue engaging in the discussion while away from the computer/website. Webmasters can also embed a small right-side panel widget

that displays how many new chats have recently taken place.

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that you don’t start asking everybody in these chatrooms their A/S/L (remember that?), we do hope you partake in a RumbleTalk and let us know what you thought of the experience by leaving a comment below.

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Connect cloud architecture with key organizational goals

The cloud”s surging popularity has led to a wide range of benefits for both business and IT employees.

The cloud”s surging popularity has led to a wide range of benefits for both business and IT employees. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the cloud is not a single technology, even when considering similar platforms. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Key Highlighting comments from Cloud Technology Partners Senior Vice President David Linthicum, InformationWeek

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contributor Charles Babcock recently explored several issues related to cloud architecture. One of

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the problems Linthicum brought up is that many cloud instances Chrome Hearts Clothing are not optimized for the services they are built on. As a result, he suggested that IT managers outline specific organizational goals prior to investing in a cloud hosting service. “Clouds may have some elements in common, but the specific goals behind the selection of their parts and their method of assembly actually differ greatly,” Babcock wrote. Architecture considerations will inform vendor choices, even for public cloud services, Babcock noted. For example, providers that are focused on “bare bones servers” may be the best choice for database systems and other processes that require low latency. Cloud bottlenecks Cloud servers have advanced significantly as vendors scale their offerings to meet new demands. However, latency between cloud storage and on-premises environments remains a key

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issue. As Babcock noted, this also manifests in the time it takes cloud-based applications to share data. This makes it essential for IT professionals to carefully consider the performance of

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not only the software layer, but

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the infrastructure layer down to the storage devices that actually house the data. “The speed of storage systems responding to calls for data and the speed of data transfers from one source to another will have a constant effect on how well a cloud server or set of servers can perform,” Babcock wrote.

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Some of these issues may have slowed the adoption of cloud storage services. As eWEEK contributor Nathan Eddy recently noted, the amount of data currently Chrome Hearts Dogtag housed in cloud environments is

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relatively low, despite the fact that 60 percent of respondents in a TwinStrata survey reported using cloud storage services to some extent. By improving data management strategies and storing more data in the cloud, many businesses would significantly lower their risk of data loss and expedite disaster recovery processes. For

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example, 48 percent of survey respondents who relied entirely on cloud storage for disaster recovery said they could bring data and applications online in a couple of hours. Comparatively, only 30 percent of organizations that do not use the cloud for DR said they could have the same recovery time. For organizations hesitant to use the technology, it is important to keep in mind that adoption

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skin their worry this.

does not mean everything has to move into a third-party environment at once.Windows 7 Ultimate Key “The ability to implement cloud storage incrementally at first and to grow it over time provides a unique opportunity for organizations to solve their immediate problems while testing the viability a long-term storage strategy,” the report stated.

Brain Brafton loves and lives technology. A big data geek and an information retrieval junkie he consumes, analyses, interprets and process data like he was a machine. On a continual learning iteration his believe life is a journey not a destination. To keep in contact with Brain find him on Google or on Twitter