2013 Resolutions

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of mygofer.com for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

We may be a few weeks late, but since it”s still January, we feel we can still get away with writing a New Year”s Resolution post. It”s actually a better time now since we can make comments on whether or not our Executive team is following through with the resolutions on the list.

Logan – CEO:

Due to his hectic schedule in 2012, Logan didn”t work out as much as he usually did. He was a fitness minor in college and has always been known as a fit person. Too much coffee, late nights, beers, and less mornings at the gym made for a softer body last year.

Three weeks into January, Logan is exceeding his goals. He began training for a half-marathon, but ending up beating his goal times. He”s very satisfied with immediate results and has been running 10 miles twice a week consistently. After a few pounds of weight loss, Logan hopes to beging lifting weights again.

Sal – COO:

Sal has always wanted to have more time for himself. He works hard, but he prefers to play hard. In order to optimize his surfing lifestyle, he is always trying to find ways to grant himself freedom to do the things he loves. An important key to that is to get rid of things you don”t love to do.

For him, grocery shopping is a burden. In 2013, he told himself he would go shopping less and have others do it for him. He found a site called MyGopher.com that offers grocery delivery services. A few weeks in, he seems happier than ever spending more time on the activities he loves.

Alejandro – CTO:

Alejandro set a bold goal to release a new product every month. Since his goal is strictly work-related, it can be kind of boring to some. Apparently, he doesn”t care about his health or his family time – just shipping remarkable innovations.

But hey, there is nothing wrong with that, right?

What are your 2013 goals? How are you going to save time and focus on the things that truly make you happy this year?