Our team is filled with marketing professionals that live and breathe great branding. We encourage you to meet our entire team. After all, we’re building a family-like bond between our people and yours.


At Endagon, we consider our team to be a small tight-knit family. In a sense, we are all brothers and sisters.

We love each other.

– We disagree.
– We fight.
– We party.

But after all is said and done, we respect each other no matter what. Each and every one of our team members is a linchpin in that they hold the others together and make them a better provider to our overall efforts. Without one piece of the puzzle, we wouldn’t be the same.

Since 2006, we have taken a lot of pride in our work everyday. Our brilliant team is the main reason we have been so successful.

Salvatore Greco – President

Alejandro Giraldo – VP of Web Development

Chris Gullieu – VP of Web Marketing

Damien Rockne – VP of Web Design

Tony Holmes – VP of Branding & Logo Design

Nathan Csech – Website Designer & Developer

Max Verma – Website Designer & Developer

Radhika Fofalia – Website Designer & Developer

Chris Mullen – Event Organizer