Becoming a skilled web developer takes skills and time. To gain the skills, you have to learn the right programming languages and work on the right projects. 


For many, gaining web dev skills is by enrolling in a web dev bootcamp. Some decide to watch tutorials on YouTube or Udemy.


Bootcamps are among the costliest learning options, which is why many learners struggle to find a web design bootcamp and enroll. Hence the question, is a web dev bootcamp worth it in 2022?


Reasons to Enroll in a Web Dev Bootcamp

Learn New Skills and Upskill

The main reason to invest in a bootcamp is that you learn the necessary skills for what you’re looking to build a career on. Bootcamps provide you the skill path to your goal and provide access to those skills, both at the same time.


Quickly Gain the Particular Skills Employers are Searching For

It is common for big corporations like Facebook (now Meta), Google, and Apple to sponsor coding bootcamps. Bootcamps worth their salt host online meetings and webinars where employers tell what they’re looking for when employing devs.


Work on Practical Projects and Assessments

Bootcamps take the time to develop curricular and coding languages to learn in order. Among the lessons are scattered lots of practical projects. A supervisor looks at your work, and you get to try your hands on problems that websites are facing.


Build Your Portfolio

By the end of a good bootcamp, you should have a portfolio containing several projects. Many employers decide who they interview by just looking at your portfolio. If you have worked on projects related to their corporation, they’re most likely to invite you for an interview and hire you.


Interact with a Community of Learners

Bootcamps usually manage online forums or communities where learners share their problems with other students and community moderators. Something you don’t find with standalone online tutorials.


Start and Run a Web Dev Business

Some bootcamps go as far as organizing tutorials for learners who hope to go freelance full-time. If you’re looking toward building your own freelance web development business, some bootcamps have resources for you.


Build and Maintain Your Websites

At the end of a full-stack web dev bootcamp, you’ll be able to build your websites and maintain them. If you buy dedicated web hosting, you’ll easily manage server functions because you know website server functionality.


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