Renting PCs and computer devices as a business is a novel idea for some. However, with the costs of maintaining a dedicated IT service mounting, getting access to PCs as and when you need them is starting to become an interesting idea for many businesses.

Not every business needs 24/7 access to a computer to remain operational, meaning that paying to have one on hand at all times, while also providing maintenance and cyber security for it, which costs costing a pretty penny, can seem increasingly undesirable. For those unsure of the merits of renting computers, here are four reasons why this approach may make sense.

They Save Money Long Term

A lot of people feel that when buying technology, they’ll be able to use it for the duration that they need and then sell it at the end of its lifespan to recoup some of that initial cost. However, this strategy isn’t viable simply because technology moves at such a rapid pace that after a few years, your old PC will lose significant value and could even be obsolete and not worth anything.

Renting a PC with can help you save cash due to you only paying for it as and when you need it. It also means that you save on maintenance and repairs as this will be provided by the rental company, meaning that you’ll be able to have all the up-to-date software and operating systems so that you can work smoothly.

Great Solution for Temporary Staff

When getting a member of temporary staff for the business to help out during busy periods, it can be very costly to buy them an entire IT setup if they’re just going to be leaving after a set period of time.

A better thing to do would be to rent all the IT equipment needed for the new staff member for the duration of their time with the company. This way you can save a lot of money while also not having to worry about storing the devices when they’re not in use for a prolonged period of time.

Greater Flexibility

Renting computers and other IT technology gives your business greater flexibility in terms of what tools and software it uses. A lot of businesses are stuck with a lot of desktops that are difficult to move around. However, with renting, you’re able to get a PC when you can afford to be tied to one specific location, but can also trade that in for a laptop so that you can be more mobile and work remotely. Renting computers helps create an IT solution that works around you.


Renting a PC removes all the upfront costs of buying a PC, which in turn can make implementing IT into your business a lot more affordable. Furthermore, payments and fees are spread out monthly and are usually a fixed, flat rate, meaning that you know what needs to be paid and when in advance, which can help with the budgeting.