You have worked hard to get your marketing company up and running. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want to do everything in your power to protect it. The question is, how can you ensure that you have covered all bases? Here is a comprehensive list that details where to start:

Upgrade your hiring process

Your staff members are your business’s most valuable resources. They keep your company’s vision and mission alive, they engage directly with your clients, and they act as a direct representation of your brand. As a result, it is important to take action to ensure that you hire the right people. Invest in recruitment software or outsource your recruitment requirements, paying special attention to conducting background checks and making sure that all stated qualifications are indeed valid.

Make sure your IT infrastructure is up to date

An up-to-date IT infrastructure helps to keep productivity levels high, all the while providing enhanced protection against day-to-day threats to cybersecurity. Keeping your IT infrastructure updated can often prove to be a much more demanding job than most marketing company owners expect, hence the reason why they opt to seek out reputable business IT support services from the experts.

These experts are dedicated to advising when updates and/or upgrades are due and making sure that they take place when they are supposed to in order to keep your agency running at optimal capacity all year round.

Invest in better cybersecurity

An advanced IT infrastructure can go a long way towards improving cybersecurity, but it is not enough to provide complete peace of mind. Owners of marketing companies must investigate any existing security holes in their cyber defenses and take action to bridge these gaps with the right virus and malware protection. A great place to start is by enlisting the services of IT support professionals who are equipped to conduct a thorough cybersecurity audit. This audit will include:

uncovering vulnerabilities in your agency’s operating system

detecting potential threats from VPN connections

scanning existing emails for any threats or vulnerabilities

looking for unpatched software

From there, you will receive advice regarding how best to remedy the existing problems within your cyber defenses and how to prevent any new holes from forming in the future.

Get the right business insurance

Business insurance is vital for all types of businesses – marketing agencies included! Along with general liability insurance and professional liability insurance, it is also worthwhile looking into network liability insurance. This insurance is designed to protect your marketing agency from costly cyber attacks that could leave your digital marketing assets vulnerable. The great news is that it can usually be added on to your existing insurance for a small additional monthly fee.

Protecting your marketing company should be a priority in all of your dealings. Luckily, if you keep the aforementioned tips and guidelines in mind, you should not run into any trouble when it comes to safeguarding your business, your assets, and your successes.