Keeping your employees happy is one of the most important points to consider if you want to boost profits as the owner of a company. Not only will it make your business more successful, but it will also make you feel better about yourself as a boss. This article will outline six ways to make an extra impression on your employees and keep them happy. 

More Transparency in Meetings

Employees hate it if they feel that anything is being kept from them in meetings, creating a culture of distrust. That’s why it is so important to be as transparent as you possibly can, while also allowing anyone in the company, from the intern to your COO, to have an input into its future course. One way to increase extra employee engagement is to: 

Court Regular Feedback 

Feedback is a great way to measure the pulse of your company while making your employees feel that they have a regular hand in shaping its roadmap. There are many ways that you can do this, from leaving an anonymous drop box to sending out online surveys. For a more personal touch, schedule one-on-one meetings with your employees to ask them how they think the company is doing and what recommendations they might have for improvement. 

Luxury Business Trips 

If you have the budget to do so, try and treat your employees well when they go off on business trips. From covering expenses to booking first class flights, these types of touches will really make a difference in their productivity and general well-being. If you are looking for great luxury hotels that can really make them into world-class employees, the service available at TurboRes expertly connects business travelers with luxury hotels. 

Better Mental Health Awareness

Mental health awareness in the workplace has skyrocketed over the past few years. As an employer, you should take extra steps to make sure that you are always thinking of the mental well-being of your employees. This can be done through dedicated workshops in the office to allowing days off for mental health reasons. 

Extra Paid Time Off

Whatever the federal or state allowance for days off is, try and offer more days to your employees in order to show them that you really care about their holiday time. You will find that when they come back from this extended break, they are ready and willing to work even harder as they know that they have an employer who really cares about their downtime. 

Home Office

Remote work has taken off in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, with more Americans working from home than ever. When it is all over, try and ask your employees if they would prefer to work at home full time (if the nature of their role allows it). 

This could increase productivity as they may find themselves more comfortable and happier working from home and avoiding a tiresome commute. Not only that, they will be saving money on travel costs, which could significantly boost disposable income.